Itty Bitty Aprons

Hello there! Sorry I haven’t had many posts recently- not much sewing going on! But lately I’ve been easing myself back into stitching mode before holiday season commences (and I get super-busy).

One project I enjoyed was some little aprons for my niece. I have quite a collection of aprons myself, so I jumped at the opportunity to make her some in a Hello Kitty print. For the first one I used this pattern available on Etsy. The second one was cobbled together from various tutorials, but I found this one most helpful.


For another short sewing project I made a fabric pumpkin to accompany my growing collection of pastel pumpkins. Here’s a great tutorial for fabric pumpkins in a variety of sizes.


I’ve got my costume pretty much finished (Mary Poppins), as well as three other costumes I made this year. So I’m looking forward to Halloween. But most of all, I’m happy to have my creative spirit come out of hibernation.

Thanks for reading!