Coppelia Birthday

Coppelia Birthday

I realized I never wrote about my Coppelia themed birthday I had last year. It was a lot of fun to plan, so I enjoyed getting to go back and re-live it again. Since I’ve had so many ballet birthdays in the past, I was able to simply add some doll details to the decor I already had.

Coppelia has always been a favorite ballet of mine. It is often performed by community/children’s ballet companies and has an innocent simplicity to it. That being said, many people are not familiar with it. So I was sure to have some of my ballet books at hand to familiarize guests with the general plot . We had a little story-time for the younger guests and I was happy to see the children  become enthralled with the tale of the doll-maker and his beloved Coppelia come to life.


a mini cake I had on my actual birthday


one of the ballerina dolls I had for decoration

IMG_5222 IMG_5226 IMG_5089

some scenes from my ballet books



a bunting and rosettes I made from materials I found in my sewing room


some pretty presents

if you’re feeling in the mood to watch some Coppelia for yourself…

One of my favorite figure skaters performing a Coppelia program.

Anyway, I love Coppelia even though I don’t get to see it performed that often. The music is also quite charming to play on the piano. The light-hearted tone of this ballet makes it easy to use as a birthday theme. I hope to update soon with some of the sewing projects I’ve been working on recently. Thanks for reading and have a lovely day!