springtime headbands


With Easter on the way, I’ve been in the mood to create some floral headpieces. I’m also going to have a little egg-dying party, so I thought it would be fun to dress up some bunny ears, so everyone can have a pair.



Simple floral headbands are relaxing to make–just ribbon-wrap a plain band and hot-glue silk or paper flowers. Even if the flowers haven’t actually bloomed in the garden, you can still look like springtime.



It’s even easier to create a unique set of rabbit ears. I found these nice fluffy ones at the craft store. I had some floral garland, arranged it to my liking, and glued in place.




Of course there’s always the classic bow.


I had a lot of these chiffon rosettes that I made a while ago, and I was happy to find a use for some of them.



I also had some scraps of lace and pearl, so I decided to try and fashion my own set of ears to attach to a plain band for a different look.


I picked up some other springtime goodies at the craft store. So far, I’ve just made some little decorations out of them, but I’m tempted to try a bird’s nest headband or one with a row of pastel peeps.

That’s all for now. Happy crafting!




hippity hoppity




Every year, I seem to enjoy Easter more and more. It’s certainly something joyful and bright to look forward to after a long winter. I’ve also started some of my own spring traditions, such as assembling little bundles of Easter goodies to send to my friends.

Easter candies and sweets are so cute…It’s fun to assemble a little assortment and imagine my friends’ surprise. I love sending little parcels in the mail. Last year I made fabric baskets from this pattern–one of my all-time favorites. I also made some scrappy little bunnies for my niece and nephew. I didn’t have a pattern, just sort of made it up as I went along, so they are a bit wonky…

IMG_0966 IMG_0964 IMG_0967


So far this year, I’ve made some little treat bags from this cute pattern. I also adapted it slightly, (adding a lining and a different bunny design). They are really quick to sew, so I think I can make plenty before Easter.  I have some ideas for other Easter crafts that I hope to try soon. In the meantime, Happy Spring!