a bit of bunting


I have a tradition to make a little fabric banner for each member of my family on their birthday. If their party has a particular theme, I try to get fabrics to coordinate. If not, I just find fabrics that illustrate the person’s likes and hobbies. It can be a fun hunt, particularly if I give myself enough time to search ebay, etsy, and local fabric shops beforehand. I’ve made banners with dinosaurs, bicycles, postage stamps, musical notes, sudoku puzzles, basketball teams, as well as my favorite florals and lace. I’m a bit picky about fabrics, and some of the novelty prints can be a bit, well garish, so it’s worth really combing the internet to find fabrics that fit your theme, but are still cute.

There is no shortage of bunting tutorials out there either, but I’ve always liked this one. My favorite embellishment is doily lace.




Sometimes I just make the whole banner lace…


I also make bunting for the holidays.


This one is hanging in my sewing room these days.



Of course, I enjoyed my niece’s Hello Kitty theme.

scrabble tile birthday

We have a lot of Scrabble fans in my family.

I’m currently compiling some fabrics for a slightly different style of banner. I hope to have enough to share the finished product by next month.

On a side note, today was one of the first days where it really felt like fall. On my walks it was just chilly enough to wear jeans and a sweater. When I came back home I made a cinnamon spice tea latte and lit my pumpkin buttercream candle.  It truly is my favorite season.