cinderella ballet birthday

Cinderella Ballet Birthday
For this party, I chose a Cinderella ballet theme. Cinderella is such a playful and whimsical ballet, and everyone knows the story. It was a good excuse to round up all the vintage storybook editions of the tale I could find for guests to peruse.
cinderella collage1
 I gave myself full reign to go overboard with all the pink and girly touches!IMG_4797
One of my favorite parts of the Cinderella ballet is the dance that Cinderella performs with her broom, so I decided to make place cards by decorating tiny brooms with little rosettes and ribbons.

The tulle poms were a lot fun to make, but of course I have a real weakness for tulle.
A quick and easy sign
Any excuse to wear a tiara…
I really like the imagery of the carriage. It’s so magical!
And glass slippers of course!
That’s all for now. Stay tuned for the conclusion of ballet party week with Sleeping Beauty!

swan lake birthday

swan lake birthday

Every year I like to have a tiny tea party for my birthday. I usually pick a ballet theme, and over the years I’ve chosen some of my favorite individual ballets as inspirations. In the weeks leading up to the party, I try to find as many variations of the ballet as I can to watch, as well as classic storybooks to read. It’s quite fun to reacquaint myself with the stories, music, sets, and costumes. Even with ballets I’ve seen dozen of times before, I usually discover something new while I’m in party prep mode.

ballet scans-8

And planning a tea is a welcome diversion since I tend to get a little depressed around my birthday. Even when I was a little girl, I remember always being a bit somber around the day.

Luckily, having some tea and cake, putting on a frilly dress, and playing a Tchaikovsky record are all nice antidotes to birthday melancholia. And busying myself with baking and making in the weeks prior helps a lot too.


I thought I’d revisit some of my earlier parties this week starting with Swan Lake.

It is truly a dear favorite of mine. When I was a girl, I had an all white room with a Swan Lake theme. There were black and white photos of various Odettes and Odiles on the walls and feathery pillows and throws on my white twin beds.

So in planning that party I continued the airy white color scheme. IMG_3403


Some lacy hearts I made as favors.


Tiny white swans for decoration.

swan birthday 2

A fluffy white cake. Frosting a whole cake still stresses me out a bit. I’m more comfortable with cupcakes…


Here’s a link to more ballet birthday inspiration. Stay tuned for Cinderella!



For the past few years it seems I start my Christmas preparations earlier and earlier…

When I was little, I often got upset that Thanksgiving, and indeed a good measure of the entire autumn season, got trampled over in the rush to emphasize Christmas. Being a November baby, I always had a fondness for the quiet fall days.

And I still wait for advent or at least until after Thanksgiving to really decorate and immerse myself in full Christmas spirit. However, if you enjoy making your gifts or holiday sewing and crafting, one month is just not enough time! So in the fifty or so days we have until Christmas, I’ll try to gently work on my projects and gifts so hopefully I won’t be in a frenzy come mid-December.

I know I’ll never be one of those people who has all their shopping done by Halloween. I will always sew and bake and shop up until Christmas Eve, but hopefully by getting an early start, I’ll enjoy the season with a bit more calm!