happy halloween


Halloween has come and is almost gone! I was able to do a few little projects, but I still have things that will have to wait for next year. Oh well.

Here’s what I made:



Some little softies, because why not?


A scrappy mini fall quilt.



Costumes! I felt really compelled to have bear versions of my costume this year. I bought Duffy’s costume and made Shellie May’s Alice ensemble. I adapted McCalls M6233 to accommodate her extra fluff.


My boyfriend and I were also the Mad Hatter and Alice, but the only sewing I ended up doing for our costumes was my apron. My sewing machine is in dire need of a tune-up, and isn’t really up to the task of  apparel sewing. Once I get it repaired though, I’d like to make more ruffly aprons!

We had a bit of a rainy Halloween. Only two trick-or-treaters made it to my house 😦 But it was a cozy and quiet evening, and those are my favorite.

Happy Halloween!


teddy bear day

Apparently, it is National Teddy Bear Day! And I couldn’t let such an occasion pass without commemorating it somewhat. If I had really been on my game, I would have prepared a teddy bear tea party for my niece and nephew, but as it is, I think I’ll curl up with a tale of Paddington or Pooh and plan a new sewing project for a certain bear.

Cotoro.net is always an inspiration for amazing Duffy and Shellie May outfits. Recently I made a little dress for one of my bears using this pattern. As with all the website’s patterns, it is in Japanese, but easy enough to follow using the photos. I didn’t have any of that beautiful lace fabric, but I tried to make it work with the scraps I had on hand. The nice thing about making bear outfits is, you don’t have to be as concerned with durability and practicality as you do with making baby garments. It’s all about being cute.

bear dress

The subject of teddy bears reminded me of one of my favorite early photo projects. Aloooooong time ago– in 2000 or so, I became enamored with a French “web-cam” called Nounours-Cam. It is still around, and as adorable as ever. Back then, I staged my own Nonours in tribute to the original. I remember also being quite influenced by The Lonely Doll books around that time, and loved the idea of creating quiet worlds for toys.


I hope to revive my own nounours-cam once I have sewn a few new items for the bears. Why not? In the meantime, give your favorite bear a cuddle. Happy Teddy Bear Day!

royal baby tea time

In honor of a certain prince’s arrival, I decided to bring out some of my royal themed tea things. I didn’t have a full party (like I did with the royal wedding), just made some scones and put up a bit of bunting. But it was so much fun that I might have to have another, more lavish celebration. I did, however, sew up something new to go with my British collection: an English heart-shaped potholder. It was made using this tutorial, and I’ve been employing it as a little tea mat. As you can see, my Duffy bear matched the festivities so well, I had to include him.

IMG_5618 IMG_5635

It was a happy little party for the littlest royal!