pretty sugars

Even though I drink both my tea and coffee black, I still have a fondness for cute and dainty sugars. There is something so charming about a tiny cube of sugar to accompany your tea set. On one of my trips to Japan, I first encountered these cute heart-shaped sugars by Marie Shion. I think this is where my love of pretty sugar originated.

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Yesterday, I had a tiny little tea party, and was excited to share some sweet treats that I recently purchased from Chambre de Sucre. They have quite a nice blog and website, which always put me in the mood to have a proper tea.  I had been waiting for Chambre de Sucre to return to the Gilt sale site, and luckily they did. I ordered a box of the floral squares and a container of little sugar flowers in pink and white. The delicate sugars arrived artfully packaged, with no breakage. However, they are almost too pretty to use! I would say they are definitely a “special occasion” purchase, even at the Gilt price, but they would really add beauty to a shower or birthday tea party.






I think these Angel Wings are so adorable, but too expensive for me. I wish they were available in a small packet. Wouldn’t they would just perfect, resting on a cloud of steamed milk?


Well that’s all for now. Have a sweet day!