sweet dreams


I’ve had the intention of making pillowcases for a long time, and yesterday I suddenly decided I wanted to go ahead and try one. However, sometimes I am blinded by the push to finish a project and I forge ahead when perhaps I shouldn’t. You see, I didn’t realize how much fabric a pillowcase with French seams eats up (a lot!). So I had to go hunting through my collection of fabric for something “pillowcasey”  that I also had in abundance. I really didn’t want to go to the fabric shop and spend money on this project, so this is what I came up with.  In hindsight, I think I would have been better off  buying some more fabric for the band, as I had to patch it together. But, live and learn.

I used the roll-it-up pattern, and I must say, it was very simple and straightforward. I would think it would be a breeze if – 1) you have enough fabric, and 2) you aren’t concerned about directional prints. I had two directional prints that I wanted to go a certain way, but even so,  it wasn’t that tricky. And now that I know how easy the basic pattern is, I think I’ll investigate adding a ruffle next time.

*The website that offered the pattern also has links and suggestions of various organizations you can donate your completed pillowcases to, as they are trying to reach a million pillowcase donations. I think this is an excellent idea for those of us who like to sew, but end up making more than we need.