pretty sugars

Even though I drink both my tea and coffee black, I still have a fondness for cute and dainty sugars. There is something so charming about a tiny cube of sugar to accompany your tea set. On one of my trips to Japan, I first encountered these cute heart-shaped sugars by Marie Shion. I think this is where my love of pretty sugar originated.

5730            mixheartsugarpink



Yesterday, I had a tiny little tea party, and was excited to share some sweet treats that I recently purchased from Chambre de Sucre. They have quite a nice blog and website, which always put me in the mood to have a proper tea.  I had been waiting for Chambre de Sucre to return to the Gilt sale site, and luckily they did. I ordered a box of the floral squares and a container of little sugar flowers in pink and white. The delicate sugars arrived artfully packaged, with no breakage. However, they are almost too pretty to use! I would say they are definitely a “special occasion” purchase, even at the Gilt price, but they would really add beauty to a shower or birthday tea party.






I think these Angel Wings are so adorable, but too expensive for me. I wish they were available in a small packet. Wouldn’t they would just perfect, resting on a cloud of steamed milk?


Well that’s all for now. Have a sweet day!


tokyo disneyland x alice

Some of my family members recently returned from their annual trip to Japan. I didn’t get to go along this time, but I was happy to live vicariously through their photos and videos.  My brother was even nice enough to bring me back some lovely souvenirs including several from Tokyo Disneyland.

I love Alice in Wonderland, particularly the tea themed things. (go figure) So I was delighted to receive some beautiful Alice boxed tea. The tea bags are the cards!

IMG_5042 IMG_5043 IMG_5103

A cute mini towel and some memo notebooks.


A new Alice charm for my new bag.


I was in such an Alice mood, that I decided to make something out of this Alice fabric that I’ve had for a little while. I like that it is pink and just a bit sparkly. I settled on a new tea cozy using this pattern, adapting it slightly by making it bigger and adding a more finished lining.

After sewing, I baked some matcha tea cookies. (I guess I am still yearning to return to Japan, myself). Here is the recipe. They were quite easy to make and the resulting cookie was delicately sweet.


royal baby tea time

In honor of a certain prince’s arrival, I decided to bring out some of my royal themed tea things. I didn’t have a full party (like I did with the royal wedding), just made some scones and put up a bit of bunting. But it was so much fun that I might have to have another, more lavish celebration. I did, however, sew up something new to go with my British collection: an English heart-shaped potholder. It was made using this tutorial, and I’ve been employing it as a little tea mat. As you can see, my Duffy bear matched the festivities so well, I had to include him.

IMG_5618 IMG_5635

It was a happy little party for the littlest royal!


During a recent tea party, I realized I would like some little mats to use for a bit of tea and cake.

So I sewed up some patchwork teatime mats. I used fifteen 3.25″ squares. (I like to mix gingham and florals). After assembling the patchwork, I rounded the corners and added some lace I had on hand. The back is just plain linen. So far, they work pretty well–they even have the tea stains to prove it 🙂