starbucks x sakura


One of my favorite annual campaigns is Starbucks Japan’s Sakura Line. Around this time each year, they issue a new array of Sakura flavored drinks and desserts that are beautiful and delicately pink.




Of course, Starbucks Japan also offer sakura tumblers, mugs, gift cards, and other goods for people to collect.


I love how the cherry blossom theme has been interpreted in many different styles and evolves from year to year. Pictured below is 2014’s range. As you can see, mosaic tiles and falling petals adorn much of the drinkware.  I am not as keen on this line as I have been of other years’, but it is quite pretty. I was immediately drawn to the mugs (they look like they would feel nice to hold) and the water bottles, but I probably won’t try to hunt down any of these items this year.


These glasses, one the other hand, would be a real treat. Upon the addition of cold water, the petals turn pink! Unfortunately these sold out fast.


The sakura line has expanded to other Asian countries, but I don’t know of any plans to make it a worldwide campaign 😦 That being said, sakura season represents the promise of spring and the contemplation of beauty, and that is something to celebrate no matter where you are.

So to get in the spirit, I decided to make some cherry blossom sewing projects, bake some green tea cookies, and get out my collection of Starbucks Sakura items.


I have this gift card from last year’s line. It is one of my favorite designs.

I also kept this bag because of the falling cherry blossoms.



Here’s my tumbler collection. One aspect of the Japanese range that I appreciate is the option of smaller sized to-go mugs. The two on the right are just perfect for one cup of tea.



Speaking of tea, I recently made this little tea bag wallet. The pattern is from the book Patchwork Please by Ayumi Takahashi. I’d been hoping for this book since its release, and happily, I got it for Christmas. This is my first project from the book, but I can’t wait to make more.

teapouchsakura pouch1


I also made a sakura tea mat (just an excuse to bake tiny cookies).


Even if you can’t get a sakura latte, you can still make your own coffee sleeve out of a favorite cherry blossom fabric. I adapted the pattern found here.


I would love to try the sakura chiffon cake or sakura macaron, but like hanami, that will have to remain a dream for now.

Thanks for visiting and have a lovely day!