Sorry I’ve been a bit absent lately. In April I started a new job and it has been kind of stressful. The hours are quite long and it leaves me depleted. So I haven’t had much energy for sewing and crafting 😦 I’m hoping that will change soon, as I don’t feel like myself if I’m not working on a project or creating something.

I did get to plan my niece’s birthday party a couple of weeks ago, so that was a nice diversion. I hope to share some photos from that occasion soon.

In the meantime, I have pictures I’ve wanted to post for a while. These are some quilts I have that my grandma made throughout her lifetime. April 12 would have been her 100th birthday birthday, and I took these photos on that day as a way of remembering her. She was quite a sewer, baker, and musician. As I get older, I marvel more and more at her talents. I think quilting was only a side hobby for her–a practical way to use scraps and create something useful (these quilts are massive!). But everything she made was so polished and beautiful. I remember her knitting and crocheting more when I was a kid, but I know she sewed all the time for her four daughters.

I’m really lucky to have such lovely reminders of my grandma. I can literally wrap myself up in these memories. As I’ve gotten more interested in sewing in the last few years, I’ve also looked at these pieces as sources of inspiration and wonder.

IMG_1306 IMG_1311 IMG_1301 IMG_1326 IMG_1315

Thanks for reading! Hope to be back soon 🙂