easter baskets


Even though I’m busy with two family birthdays this week, I still felt the urge to sew some little patchwork Easter baskets to send to my friends. Perhaps my main motivation was the fact that I bought too many Easter treats to fit into the little bunny pouches I made earlier. Oh well.


I also wanted to try a new pattern. I thought this Etsy pattern was really cute, and I only had to tweak it slightly to match what I had in mind.  I didn’t have any fusible fleece, so my first basket was a bit soft and floppy. But after picking up some fleece at the fabric store, the next baskets were more upright (but still soft). I used fabrics and trim I had on hand.

IMG_1444 IMG_1451


Rather than sew on bows, I decided to clip a hair bow to the front of the basket (I have a lot of those already made up). It was a fun project, but I think I would have enjoyed it even more if I wasn’t in a time crunch 🙂





6 thoughts on “easter baskets

  1. cute job on the Easter baskets! Interfacing paper can help stiffen fabric too if a fabric is on the soft side^-^but in any case these look well made and seem to hold up with items in them so I don’t think its necessary to stiffen them!

    • Thank you very much for your kind comment and visit! I sometimes using interfacing (iron-on) for bags and small goods, but I’ve had mixed success with it. I tend to prefer the cushy softness of batting in fabric baskets, but there are times when interfacing is really the best option. There are just so many choices, and I am still learning what works best with certain fabrics and my temperamental iron. Thanks again for your comment! I love sewing talk.

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