for the love of roses

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March has been a difficult month for me, as I’ve been sick for most of it. But little by little, I’ve been feeling better and have gotten back to my old routines. After this very long winter, I am really looking forward to spring, and am anxious to get started on Easter sewing projects, spring cleaning, and new goals.

My mom recently had a birthday. I was sad I couldn’t do more to prepare, but I did make a few things for the rose theme she chose for her party.


As it was a milestone birthday for my mom, my brother and I were able to carry on a little tradition of giving our mom her age in roses. It really makes the house smell heavenly!


I made this paper-pieced rose mini-quilt as a gift. I don’t know why I attempted paper-piecing for the first time when I wasn’t feeling well… I was happy to have finished it, but I definitely need more practice. The pattern was very clear and helpful, though. It came from this etsy shop.



A little rose banner to decorate the gift table.



I found myself staying up late to make paper flowers and rosettes to decorate the photo collage. It was a soothing little project.

That’s all for now. Hope to be back soon with more signs of spring!


6 thoughts on “for the love of roses

  1. Oh what a beautiful tradition for your Mum. A rose for every year of her age and they are gorgeous looking roses. I love your beautiful mini-quilt. Well done. I haven’t tried paper piecing yet and thanks for the etsy link. I am seriously tempted to attempt a little quilt like yours. Hope you are much better as it is no fun to be sick for a long period. Cheers Linny

    • Thank you so much for your nice comment! It cheered me up on a rather gloomy day πŸ™‚ The paper-piecing was not as intimidating as I thought it was going to be– it was a bit like seeing a puzzle come together. But once I was done with the rose, I had run out of steam to finish the rest of the quilt. I am eager to try another one, now that I am feeling better day by day. Thanks again!

      • It was lovely to cheer that I cheered you up yesterday. I went ahead and bought the rose PDF pattern. I will put it on my list to do. Hope today is not as gloomy as yesterday. We have a glorious sunny day today. The colour of the sky makes such a difference to our moods.Sending happy moments your way. Cheers Linny. πŸ™‚

  2. That is sweet of you to still make a gift for your mom despite not feeling well, and the quilt turned out so beautiful for your first time! Beautiful rose theme, you did a lovely job decorating your mom’s birthday party! I love roses so much too, they are my favorite flower. I always am curious of your age and wondering if you are around my age or younger (as I am worried about getting too old since most people I talk to end up being younger than me lol). Hope you feel better soon, it’s no fun being sick for a long period of time, now I know why you have been absent on your blog entries and poupee lately. Get well ^-^

    • As always, thank you for your lovely comments! I would say I’m an old soul, but also a child at heart πŸ™‚ I’ve always liked sewing, knitting, reading, etc over what most people my own age were interested in. But I also have a fondness for cute characters and children’s books, and I love to play with my niece and nephew. I’m sorry if I’m late to respond/absent for a while. I’m also a pretty shy person, so updating doesn’t come naturally to me. When life gets busy or I’m under the weather, all my posts fall by the wayside. I really love reading comments and other blogs though, so I’m trying to get over my shyness πŸ™‚

      • I am also shy as well, I felt really nervous to post blogs and post blogs with a picture of me in it, it took me a long time before I decided to make a personal blog, because before I was really shy about making public journal entries, I still feel shy about it though, so I understand how you feel about it! oh same here I always had a fondness for fairytales and things children love, and also sewing and crafts.

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