in a valentine’s mood


I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day. When all the Christmas lights are down and the ornaments are packed away, I comfort myself that another holiday is on the way, bringing hearts and roses, little cards and chocolate. I think of February, not as the coldest month, but as a month of sweetness and love.

In elementary school the Valentine party was always my favorite. I loved making a tiny mailbox and preparing my cards with ribbons and seals.

I also have a weakness for anything heart-shaped. And frilly, lacy things. And chocolate. (You get the idea).

I made this Heart Wreath last year for my door, following this tutorial. It’s a breezy project–you can put on your favorite romance movie and pin away. However, in retrospect, I wish I would have used a thimble or bandaids as I pricked myself many, many times.


When I’m bored I find myself making little heart softies. They’re nice to tuck into a Valentine care package or to decorate a small space.

hearts in a boxsoftiesIMG_4503

I have a tiny collection of vintage Valentines. I use them for decoration, but I also love when I find just the right card to give to someone.

vintage valsvintageval

My dad’s childhood Valentine box. It is a little tattered, but it actually won a prize in his kindergarten: the Little Red Riding Hood book pictured.

dad's box

Each year I make up little boxes to give to friends- nothing much just some chocolates and hair pins, and a Valentine of course!



I love to type out little notes for handmade Valentines.


I made some more heart-shaped potholders from this tutorial.


Some Valentine handkerchiefs. Some old, some new.

val hankies

Found these little mail bags at Pottery Barn Kids a few years ago. I thought they were so cute, but now I might try to make one myself.


February is so cold and snowy here– you have to have lots of desserts!


Here’s a VERY simple craft- if you’re like me, and have an abundance of red and pink shopping bags.

heart banner


I used a heart-shaped gift card as a template and just traced hearts onto the bags (avoiding any text or folds). Punch two dots per heart, string up, and enjoy!


Thanks for your visit! Have a lovely day!

8 thoughts on “in a valentine’s mood

  1. Your post has definitely put me in the Valentine’s Day mood! I actually made some cards for friends and family a few years ago but I’ve been too lazy since then. Now I really wish I had! Your collection of vintage Valentine’s Day cards made me feel so nostalgic….and a bit old lol. And it gave me a great idea for a scrapbook page I’d like to work on. I’m going to pester my mom and see if she can dig up my old elementary school Valentine’s Day cards!

    • I bet your classroom Valentines would be just perfect for a scrapbook page! I wish I still had all of mine, but I only have a very few. I still feel so sad that I missed my first-grade Valentine party because I had chicken pox. So my vintage ones are mostly from antique shops or my dad’s little box. I really love the older designs, but I still stop to look at the boxes of Valentines each year when they start appearing on store shelves.

  2. I love that heart wreath! You did such a lovely job, I love all your little craft projects! I love valentine decorations too, here in Japan the Valentine chocolates come in the most beautiful decorative boxes and the designs and shapes of the chocolates are so fancy and shaped like all sorts of neat shapes. But we have 2 Valentines days, one Valentine day on Feb. 14 and one in March 14 (called White Day).

    • Oh thank you for your sweet comments! I really adore the Japanese Valentine and White Day displays too. I’m quite swayed by pretty packaging and presentation, and the Japanese are true artists when it comes to giving gifts. You are so lucky you get to see them all this year!

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