my melody

I have been a fan of My Melody for as long as I can remember. Her world is so sweet and magical. IMG_4356

One of my favorite Japanese brands, Liz Lisa, has a special collaboration mook (magazine/book) with My Melody. It always comes with a cute tote. llquilt

Liz Lisa also has a My Melody collection of goods and clothing, and this year it came out right around my birthday, so I was able to pick up a few cute items. melody trioThis plush sits on my dresser. I really like her flower crown. IMG_8077

And the mini bag charm has a beautiful plate that reminds me of stained glass. tiny melody

Even my Line Play character has been decorating with a My Melody theme. IMG_9603

My first project of 2014 was a tiny tote bag for my little niece. I was pleased to use a bit of this fabric I’d been saving for awhile.melody bag

Happy the heart shaped marshmallows are back in the stores…melodymarsh

And with so many snow days and chilly evenings, I’ve been baking away. IMG_9042

Now I’m gearing up for Valentine’s Day, getting my papers, punches, seals and stamps in order.


Stay warm and thanks for visiting!



6 thoughts on “my melody

  1. Loved this post, it really brought back memories of my sister as a little girl. She was the biggest My Melody fan (I favored Hello Kitty lol). To this day she still has a My Melody mini chest drawer set that she keeps on her desk.

    • I certainly love Hello Kitty too 🙂 But these new designs of My Melody in a gentle and pastoral world are quite appealing to me. All the Sanrio characters are deeply nostalgic, but it’s interesting to see how they have evolved and what has stayed the same. That mini chest sounds adorable. It reminds me of a little Hello Kitty jewelry box that I still treasure from my childhood. As always, thank you for your lovely comment!

  2. I love MyMelody so much too. I wish LizLisa would come out with a Spring and Summer MyMelody mook soon again as I look forward to those free gifts that come with the magazine. Although I was not too thrilled with the Spring collection this year, but hopefully their will be some cute things in the Summer collection. Your so lucky to have both LizLisa MyMelody plushies plus the My Melody purse! I also love Laudree (seen it in that first picture).

    • Thank you for your sweet comment! I always look forward to the My Melody mooks too. And the whole My Melody collection has so many delicate and whimsical details, it’s hard to resist. I think we have a lot in common! Thanks again for stopping by!

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