a tale of two samplers

IMG_8388 - Version 2

A month or two ago, I was browsing a local thrift shop when a Christmas cross-stitch kit happened to catch my eye. I recognized it immediately as one my mom had made many years ago. And although the package was tattered, it had never been opened. So I decided to purchase it and make a matching one for my home.

I spent a few nights stitching away in front of Christmas movies, and was happy that the sampler was a swift and stress-free project. After I finished, I showed the kit to my mom, and she remarked that mine came with a red frame, whereas hers was in a green frame. But neither of us realized that the patterns were actually slightly different until she brought hers out of storage for us to compare.

I think they are definitely from the same era, series, or manufacturer, and I like that they are not identical but still linked. You see, my mom lost interest in sewing before I was born, so we never did any projects together, but now it sort of feels like we have!




I’ve also been sewing lots of Christmas bows.


And packaging up ornaments and candies for little Christmastime gifts.


We got our first real snow yesterday. Time to bundle up, stay cozy, and keep stitching!


2 thoughts on “a tale of two samplers

  1. What a lucky find at the thrift shop! It’s wonderful that your mother still had hers, I love the picture of the two side by side. This post really made me feel nostalgic for a cross stitch kit that my grandmother gave me as a young girl. And when I see your bows it really makes me wish I could sew!

    • Thank you for your comment. You know, I haven’t done much cross-stitch before, but it was really rewarding because I felt a connection to my mother and grandmother. I hadn’t done much sewing either for many years, but I’m really enjoying getting back in to it.

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