sleeping beauty ballet birthday

sleeping beauty ballet birthday
Sleeping Beauty is a glorious ballet and one that provides a real treasure trove of ideas for a little party. I truly had an overabundance of ideas and images to draw from– the fairies, the spindles, the hundred years sleep, the garland dance, and all the fairy tales characters in the second act. I had to reign myself in!
sleeping beauty scans-3sleeping beauty scans-1more ballet scans-1more ballet scanssleeping beauty scanssleeping beauty scans-4
1. The Tasha Tudor Book of Fairy Tales 2. Sleeping Beauty The Ballet Story
3-4. Rand McNally Sleeping Beauty 4-5. The Big Golden Book of Fairy Tales
As usual, I got out my story books to reacquaint myself with all the different versions. Sleeping Beauty is so rich in imagery, and I love to see all the ways illustrators have told the story.
A few stickers and an ornate frame make a quick sign that sets the theme.
I love miniature things, so I made tiny little pillows to be the place cards.
Rather than a banner, this year I sewed a small quilt for decoration. The fabric was intended to be used for a “soft book,” but I think a quilt is a nice way to tell a story too.
IMG_7919 - Version 2
Found these ballet cupcake toppers on eBay-have been tempted to decorate more than just cupcakes…
I made some flower crowns for guests to wear, but they also make pretty table decoration.
I wanted a dollhouse bed for a centerpiece, but they are kind of pricy, so I made one from a sturdy box and sewed the bed clothes from scraps.
 The cake! The toppers are from this Etsy seller. They are really beautiful, and have inspired me to try and make a Nutcracker set this Christmas.
Speaking of Christmas, I forgot to get a photo of the ballerina cookies I made from the Sleeping Beauty party, but I made a few more tutu bodices when I made Christmas cookies this week. A tutu cookie cutter is on my wish list!
I got balloons! I am such a kid at heart about balloons (and a lot of other stuff too).
Sleep masks and Sleepy Time tea make good favors.
Well that wraps up the series on Ballet Birthdays (for now), but I hope to be back soon with Christmas projects. The tree and lights are up, the Christmas records are playing,  and I’m off to see the Nutcracker this weekend 🙂
If you’re in the mood to watch a bit of Sleeping Beauty…

Sweet dreams!


4 thoughts on “sleeping beauty ballet birthday

  1. I so enjoyed your ballet birthday series, I’m sad it’s coming to an end (for now). This Sleeping Beauty themed birthday was for the one for this year, right? Btw, I don’t even think I ever told you “Happy Birthday”, sorry about that! It looks like you had a very lovely party and I hope you got everything you wanted and then some. Can’t wait until I see your Christmas themed blogs, I already know that I’m going to try and steal some of your ideas!

    • aww thank you! I l did have a very happy birthday 🙂 And I love the Christmas season so much, but it flies by so fast! I could probably do Christmas projects all year long and be happy, though.

    • Thank you so much for your comment! You are very kind 🙂 Yes, I did study ballet for many years, but eventually stopped to focus on music. I was never a natural performer, so I have a lot of admiration for those who are. Performances were always a stress for me. Since I stopped studying dance, my love for ballet has grown, and I still enjoy ballet for enjoyment and exercise. It is one of my strongest inspirations.

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