swan lake birthday

swan lake birthday

Every year I like to have a tiny tea party for my birthday. I usually pick a ballet theme, and over the years I’ve chosen some of my favorite individual ballets as inspirations. In the weeks leading up to the party, I try to find as many variations of the ballet as I can to watch, as well as classic storybooks to read. It’s quite fun to reacquaint myself with the stories, music, sets, and costumes. Even with ballets I’ve seen dozen of times before, I usually discover something new while I’m in party prep mode.

ballet scans-8

And planning a tea is a welcome diversion since I tend to get a little depressed around my birthday. Even when I was a little girl, I remember always being a bit somber around the day.

Luckily, having some tea and cake, putting on a frilly dress, and playing a Tchaikovsky record are all nice antidotes to birthday melancholia. And busying myself with baking and making in the weeks prior helps a lot too.


I thought I’d revisit some of my earlier parties this week starting with Swan Lake.

It is truly a dear favorite of mine. When I was a girl, I had an all white room with a Swan Lake theme. There were black and white photos of various Odettes and Odiles on the walls and feathery pillows and throws on my white twin beds.

So in planning that party I continued the airy white color scheme. IMG_3403


Some lacy hearts I made as favors.


Tiny white swans for decoration.

swan birthday 2

A fluffy white cake. Frosting a whole cake still stresses me out a bit. I’m more comfortable with cupcakes…


Here’s a link to more ballet birthday inspiration. Stay tuned for Cinderella!


2 thoughts on “swan lake birthday

  1. Your Swan Lake birthday theme was so lovely! I can’t wait to see more of your past birthday themes, I’m already looking forward to Cinderella. I’m glad to hear that planning your birthday helps you to get over the melancholy you feel on that day. My boyfriend also gets quite somber around his birthday and he handles it by working nonstop during that time. I think your method of dealing with it sounds so much more relaxing!

    • Thank you for your kind comment! Planning little parties is a fun diversion. I’m certainly happiest when I am at work on a project. And it’s particularly satisfying when I get to pick the theme 🙂

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