axes femme for fall

It’s been a busy month so far. Lots of fun little trips for concerts and ballets. Lots of housekeeping too…

So I haven’t had as much time for sewing as I’d like. Perhaps I’m taking a rest before the holidays begin and I go into serious sewing, knitting, and baking mode.

In the meantime, I’ve become quite fond of the Japanese brand called Axes Femme. Their clothes feature romantic details and old-fashioned charm. Layers of ruffles and lace can keep you cozy (and pretty) this fall.

axes femme1

axes femme2-1

There were some nice images in this month’s Steady magazine.


All the Axes Femme pieces I’ve been wearing this fall.


Some of my favorite Axes Femme items… these silky pouches with tiny little ballet slippers!


In other news, I’ve been making pink witch hats, of course!


Just a bit of sewing– making some fabric baskets to organize my never-ending collection of bows.


At least my Line Play avatar is hard at work sewing.

Oh well! See you soon with more fall and halloween projects!


2 thoughts on “axes femme for fall

  1. I just checked out the Axes Femme website, they have such lovely stuff and it’s pretty reasonably priced! Reminds me a bit of Anthropologie except that Anthropologie charges way more for their clothing. I love the pink witch’s hat you made, you are so unbelievably creative!

    • Thanks so much for you kind comment 🙂
      That is a good observation about anthropologie. I hadn’t thought about it before, but axes femme does remind me of the romance and whimsy anthro used to have, but at way better prices! It would be nice if axes femme had more stores internationally. I know they just opened a shop in Paris though, so here’s hoping!

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