second attempt

I didn’t want to let too much time go by before trying another quilt, for fear of forgetting all I’d learned in the process, so I decided to round up some scraps, use the same template, and make a cozy little quilt just for me. As is often the case in my experience, my second try was a bit bumpier than my first. Perhaps I was less careful this time. I tried not to stress the mistakes too much though, since I knew this quilt wasn’t a gift. And even though it’s riddled with errors, I’m pretty happy with it. I like the windowpane effect of the negative space, and love the overall crinkliness it acquired after its first wash. My hopes of not having to buy any fabric for this quilt almost came true –I had to go to the shop for just the backing and the batting, but I am tryingΒ to keep costs down.Β  In any case, Β I do believe I’ve got the quilting bug, and am looking forward to choosing my next pattern soon.

IMG_6343 IMG_6359 IMG_6373



6 thoughts on “second attempt

    • Thank you again for your kind comments! I often find myself drawn to quilts with white borders~ perhaps because they remind me of some of the quilts my grandmothers made. Or they just have a nice sense of balance…I’m not sure, but my next quilt will probably have lots of white space too πŸ™‚

      • I like white borders or pastel borders too. I think they create breathing space in a quilt and allow the geometry of the quilt stand out. The great thing about quilting is that there is room for all sorts of quilts and it caters to all tastes. Are you lucky enough to have any of the quilts that your grandmothers made? If so I would love to see photos of them. Cheers Linny

      • As a matter of fact, I do have have a few of their quilts (however they are at my parents’ house at the moment). But whenever I visit, I love looking at them. I particularly like having my mom tell me where all the fabrics came from, as they were mostly made from scraps. I think I will take some photos the next time I’m over there. Thanks for the idea!

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