vintage ballet books

It’s no secret I love old books.  Especially books about ballet. They can be a little hard to find, but worth the hunt. A lot of vintage ballet books have simply magical illustrations, and reading the stories of famous ballets can be quite enlightening as well.



“Tales From The Ballet” by Louis Untermeyer (Editor), Martin Provensen (Illustrator), Alice Provenson (Illustrator)

Utterly gorgeous illustrations.  I sought this book out a few years ago, and am so happy I did. I get lost in the fairy tale world every time I turn the pages.


“Ballet For You” by Lee Wyndham, Illustrated by Catherine Scholz

A charming illustrated guide for the young dancer.



“The Royal Book of Ballet” by Shirley Goulden, Illustrated by Maraja

A new book for me. It is quite large, and the pictures have a haunting quality to them. My copy is a bit fragile, so I can tell it was read many, many times.


“Swan Lake – The Story of Prince Siegfried and the Swan Queen” Illustrations by Ludmilla Jirincova

One of my all-time favorite images. This illustration was inspiration for my Swan Lake Birthday Party. (I also had a Swan Lake bedroom as a girl. Maybe you can guess I love Swan Lake?)


“The Young Dancer” by Darcey Bussell

I hope this doesn’t yet qualify as “vintage” because I read it a lot as a girl. It is all photographs, but ever so detailed! I still find it fascinating – all the Royal Ballet School tidbits.


I was feeling a bit bored, and decided to print out a few of my scans, add a bit of glimmer and doily and make a decoration for my bulletin board.


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