liz lisa inspiration

One of my favorite Japanese clothing brands is Liz Lisa because the designs are so feminine and romantic. But even more than just a brand–Liz Lisa has created an entire world of laciness, florals, and bows that quite match my aesthetic. They also have their own home goods collection called Chambre a Coucher that is so sweet and cozy! Imagine a wonderland dripping with roses and ruffles and even an adorable little pink sheep named Champouf, and you’ll see all there is to love! I’ve been curating my own little collection of Liz Lisa products, as well as using their beautifully styled photos as inspiration for some of my recent sewing projects.


LizLisa2LizLisa10chambre collage2chambrecollageIMG_5077

My recent souvenir from Japan, all packaged up! I must thank my wonderful family for bringing this back for me.


Here is what was inside. A pink satchel with lace and bows! Even some scallop detail. I never hoped to find a bag that was so “me.” The best part: it can be worn three ways– like a purse, carried by the top handle or with two straps like a backpack.

photo 3

I recently got my first Lucky Bag from Liz Lisa. I usually have subscribed to the philosophy that I’d rather spend a bit more, and get things I really, truly want, than get a bargain and be left with items I don’t really love. However, I really thought this floral bag was quite nice, and almost worth the price of the Lucky Bag alone.  It is quite large and sturdy. I think it would make an excellent dance or weekend bag.

photo 1

Bits and pieces of my collection. Of course a Llama jumped in the bag!


Organizing my closet. All pinks and florals for the summertime, I’m afraid.


My first inspiration piece. A ruffled heart pillow. These seem to be a staple of the Chambre a Coucher collections. I thought I could probably make a similar version (sans the huge embroidery of course).

photo 2

My version. It didn’t take very long to make, just gobbled up a bit of fabric for the ruffle. I might try a similar little cushion with a ruffle of lace, or a patchwork one.

bow pillow

I think these are quite cute, and something I haven’t seen other places. They’re soft cushions shaped like bows! It looks like the official ones are made of something soft and fluffy and lined in lace, but I just used what I happened to have on hand.


I decided to use this rosy tea time fabric I got from the clearance bin. I think I will definitely make more of these. I have some cozy floral flannel that will make a cuddly little cushion once the temperatures drop. Again, it wasn’t tricky, probably easier than the heart because it is basically a rectangular cushion cinched with a band. For the ruffle I cut 4.5 inch strips of fabric (pressed in half) x twice the perimeter of the pillow.


Ah the bows! Liz Lisa does favor a bit more charms and fluff in their accessories than I usually go for, but I do admire the amount of detail in each piece.


My take. Why have one bow, when you can have two? From the original inspiration photo, I decided to make a double bow. I took some white eyelet scraps and bits of floral calico to make these. They remind me of a floral dress with a white pinafore on top.

That is all I’ve done in the last couple of days. I would like to start a larger project soon, but for now I’ll keep busy with my ribbons and bows.


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