Kiki to Lala


Do you know Kiki and Lala? They are perhaps better known as Sanrio’s Little Twin Stars. Kiki (the little boy) is, according to Sanrio, “curious, and a little cheeky at times.” Lala, his twin sister, “loves drawing and writing poems. She is a little timid and cries easily.” I can identify with her πŸ™‚

Their sweet pastel world and airy style have made them a favorite character set for over thirty years. I thought I’d share some of my favorite images and give a peek of some Little Twin Stars fabric I recently acquired.


Of course I love the ones with swans!


They look so cute in their yukata.


Here is my little stash of Little Twin Stars fabric. Little is the operative word, because these fabric pieces are just scraps– an eighth of a yard, tops. I do have one larger piece as well, but not enough to make anything substantial. So I am wondering what to use this fabric for. I’m thinking of a small quilt perhaps, like doll size. Or maybe a tiny patchwork tote? I’m not sure…

While Little Twin Stars fabric is harder to find than Hello Kitty or My Melody, it is available on Etsy, ebay, and probably some other fabric import sites. Often you could get a bundle of small pieces like the one above relatively cheaply.


For now, I have these little pieces tucked away in my Uniqlo Little Twin Stars bag. Waiting for inspiration to strike.


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