bow making

I have been making bows for a long time. When I was in sixth grade, I even had my own little hair bow business. I guess I lacked the tenacity to make much profit, but I certainly made a lot of bows. There were plenty of ribbon-wrapped pencils in the oven (for the curls of course!) at my house. Β And I usually spent most of my allowance on spools of grosgrain and hot-glue sticks.

Over the years my love of bow making hasn’t diminished, and I still like to while away an afternoon sewing bows of all sizes. Recently I tried a new project: making a scrunchie or chouchou. I guess I never made them before since I’ve never been one to wear them. However, I saw some pictures of the “bunny ears” style scrunchie that looked so cute, I had to give it a try. I was happy to find out they are not too tricky to make, and you can definitely slip some lace into the seams to make them more special πŸ™‚





I think these are perfect for keeping your hair out of your face during your morning routine or when you want a quick and easy ballet bun.


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